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Hi! Here's a note to let you know that my son won a first place medal at our District science fair for his project "Can I Make Soap As Good As What We Buy In the Store?" Thanks again for your help!
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Science Fair Project  - Safety Tips

Important information that parents and students should know about SAFETY when doing Science Fair Projects.

Science fair projects are supposed to fun and educational. 
Accordingly, they should never be the cause of harm or injury to the student or anyone else.  Yet so many experiments involve the use of chemicals, heat or fire, sharp instruments and other potentially dangerous objects and substances.

Ever so often when doing experiments in chemistry, even simple experiments like mixing baking soda and vinegar to make a rocket or to produce a volcanic affect, the mixture can be potentially injurious.

Other experiments involve the use of electrical devices which may cause shock or harm if not used properly.  Still other projects may require sharp edges, knifes and other devices which can cut or maim the user if care is not observed.

Many projects require using an oven or heat in some other form, and here again, danger is lurking around the corner if care is not exercised.

Here are some safety tips to help assure that the young student or others nearby are kept from harm. 

  • Do not even start on a project that involves some of these potential dangers such as electrical usage,  sharp objects, heat, flame, chemical mixtures and the like. 
  • Do not select a project that may be a safety problem. 
  • Parental supervision is a must.  If your child must use the oven, then the parent should be nearby supervising the activity. 
  • If mixing chemicals is involved, the parents should be aware of what they are doing and react accordingly.  You can always call a chemistry teacher at the local high school and ask the question “My child will be mixing these chemicals…….is there any chance of explosion or danger?”
  • Electrical shock can be a problem and care should  be exercised.  Watch for residual water, frayed wires, and other potentially dangerous problems.  

The web site has over 300 science fair projects for students of all grade levels, and in virtually every imaginable subject.  Most of these projects are totally harmless and are recommended by parents and teachers nationwide.  The projects are immediately available, on-line, and provide all of the information the student requires to produce an award winning display, including materials needed, suggested procedures, the scientific method, and so forth.  Also included are 16 free games of science and a run down of what the judges are looking.











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