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Today we had "project day" in class. It went so smoothly (if you can recognize smooth in the midst of chaos) and I have to commend your Blueprints for that."

- 5th Grade Teacher, Fairfax, VA read more

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Science Fair Projects - What the judges are looking for

In order to assure that you will do well on your science fair project you must know just what the judges are looking for when they review your project.  It is very important that you consider these criteria, or you will miss the boat and not give the judges what they want.  The items listed below will help guide you when you are making your display and presentation.

Here is a judging code that is often used to rate the quality of your project

Very good = 4; Good = 3; Fair = 2; Poor = 1;

Totally lacking = 0                                                                                 
Judging Criteria for Science Fair Projects

CRITERIA 4 3 2 1 0
curiosity 4        
ingenuity   3      
creative design     2    
Scientific Thought          
appropriate subject       1  
problem clearly stated          
sufficiently narrow          
appropriate methodology          
variables, controls and results all checked          
conclusion justified          
conclusion justified          
understanding of topic          
appropriate documentation          
sufficient data          


well constructed project          
safety observed          
neat and accurate          
appropriate signage          
good visual aids          
demeanor of student          

It would be a good idea for you to have your parents and relatives or neighbors, especially those with educational background to review your display before science fair and let them use the chart above to rate your project.  If they agree that you have a really good science fair project with high marks, the chances of you doing well will be much better than if they all give you poor grades.  You still have time to make some changes to improve your project.  Good luck.

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