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Hi! Here's a note to let you know that my son won a first place medal at our District science fair for his project "Can I Make Soap As Good As What We Buy In the Store?" Thanks again for your help!
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How Parents Can Help Their Children With Science Fair Projects

It’s that time of year again when students all over the country have to do science fair projects.

It has been demonstrated that when parents contribute to the task, the students do better.  Not necessarily in helping the children actually to do the projects, but in emotional support, enthusiasm for the task at hand, and in general, that the student knows that mom and dad are there to cheer me on while I am doing science fair projects for my class.

To begin with the parent should encourage the child to do science fair projects on subjects that the student really enjoys.

Ideas and experiments for elementary science fair projects are all over the place.   The internet is your friend.  All the student has to do, whether a fifth grade or sixth grade, or any elementary grade, is to surf the web looking for science fair project ideas.  An excellent place to go is  Here you will find over 400 kid friendly science fair projects all available immediately online and complete with step by step procedures and instructions.

Parents should instill in their children an attitude of fun and games when approaching the job of doing science fair projects.  Guide them to select a subject that has to do with the things that they like to do. 

Most kids want to do cool and winning science fair projects.  For after all, no one wants to be a nerd.  Make certain that the student gets started early in the school year.  Some projects take many months to do.  Other projects can be done in a few days.

Provide your child with support as you are able to.  Give them rides to the library.  Help them gather the materials that they need for the project.  Constantly be a cheerleader giving them encouragement and support.

Do not be critical unless it is constructively critical and that it is done with an open heart and good spirit.  Do not discourage your child.  Doing science fair projects is something that most students have never done before.







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