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Learning all about science in the classroom and by reading text books can be really difficult and tedious and boring.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  There is a new and exciting method to learn scientific principles and best of all it’s free.  Yes you can learn more about physics, and chemistry and biology and all of the other interesting sciences with these free sixteen experiments made into contests and challenges that you can experience with your friends.
The science of static electricity can be learned in one of these free experiments by challenging your friends to see whose balloon will stick to the wall for the longest period of time before falling to the floor.  This static electricity is generated by rubbing a balloon against your clothing.  It becomes a lot of fun when you are competing against several other people to see whose balloon sticks the longest.
You can learn about your sense of touch, taste and smell with another fascinating experiment by putting on blindfolds and trying to see if you can discern juices, fruits, and vegetables.  This experiment becomes a real challenge when you are competing against three or four friends to see if you can do better than they can.
Learning about how fire needs oxygen to exist is graphically demonstrated in another whiz- bang experiment by placing a glass over a lit candle and seeing how long it takes for your candle to go out compared to the three or four others that you are competing with.
Guessing whether the coin will come up heads or tails is a great challenge to help determine whether you or any of your playmates has extra-sensory perception.
Parents and teachers are always looking for ways to keep children away from the TV set with other forms of entertainment.  These free sixteen experiments and challenges are much more fun than anything on TV and the students will learn a scientific fact with each game. Any number can play these games, and they are good for indoors or outdoors.  The materials needed to play have practically no cost and are items usually found around the house.  One 4th grade teacher recently said “I wish all of my students participated in these contests with their friends instead of watching television.  They really enjoy the challenge and they all seem to learn so much so quickly and easily”.  A parent of three elementary school age children agreed and was quoted as saying “What a blessing these experiments have been.  The kids spend so many fewer hours in front of the television set, they are learning a lot about science, and I can hear the screams and yells of excitement every time they get involved”.
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