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All Time Best Science Fair Projects

What fun it will be to see these all time best science fair projects for several different grade levels. Consider one of these proven winners for your next science fair. Make science fun with a winning project. What holds your interest -- biology, chemistry, physics, computer science? There are wonderful science fair ideas in all these topics. The secret to a winning science fair project is to choose a topic you like and find a project to match it. Take a look at these fun science fair project ideas. Start your science fair project today. Each science fair project includes about 15 pages of easy-to-follow directions to help you create your project step-by-step.

Also included in each science fair project::

  • Details about the scientific method
  • List of needed materials
  • Detailed list of step-by-step procedures that are easy to follow
  • Vital information on how to make your presentation
  • Details about "What the judges are looking for"

As a bonus, every project includes 16 free original science games that you can play with all your friends!

There are more all time best science fair projects that you can choose from, actually over 400 other science fair projects. Every subject is covered including chemistry, physics, biology, computer and environmental sciences, and more. Choose it and print it now; start your science fair project right away!

Which drink of yours will evaporate the fastest? Will it be your coke, your milk, your orange juice, or your water?
In this project you will learn just how long you can leave your drinks out before there is nothing left to them. You may be surprised at the results. You will also learn why evaporation is so important and what causes it.

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Which has more bacteria, your shoes, a door knob, your telephone, the toilet seat, or your comb?
All of you environmentalists and chemists will just love this project which reveals where the devilish little bacteria are hiding. You will do experiments to find out. This project involves using some heat, so adult supervision is required. It is a good project for all grade levels, however, the little kids definitely need supervision.

400 more winning science fair projects here!

Can I really generate electricity from fruit?

It's magic time! You will actually create electricity from fruit and determine which type of fruit generates the most electricity. Amaze yourself and your family and friends.

400 more winning science fair projects here!

Does temperature affect the strength of magnets?

This project is a lot of fun for most grade levels. It is generally an easy project but does require parental supervision because you are dealing with heat and cold, and oven mitts and tongs are necessary to avoid any problems.

400 more winning science fair projects here!


More info on bacteria for your all time best science fair project

Your science fair project will probably reveal to you that decaying food or bad odor from bacteria eating away your left over meal too long can make you lose your appetite. But all bacteria are not bad. In fact, certain strains of bacteria are essential for your health or may improve the nutritional quality of foods.

Your science project will teach you that probiotics are bacteria that may help you digest your foods and protect your body from harmful bacteria. Probiotics are found in yogurt, acidophilus milk and fermented foods. Manufacturers add the bacteria, or live cultures into food to increase its nutritional value.

Science fair project research shows that there are more than 400 bacterial species that inhabit the large intestine. These species are often referred to as good bacteria. Good bacteria work in the digestive tract to promote digestion and better absorption of nutrients from your food. The bad bacteria are known as pathogens. They produce toxic chemicals which are often responsible for digestive problems including constipation.

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