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Careers in Life Science

While doing your science fair project, you may begin to realize that there are so many different jobs and careers to pursue in the sciences.  Many people are surprised when they learn just how many different kinds of work may be found in the field of science.  In the field of life science alone, there are dozens of different jobs and careers for one to pursue. 

Depending on what you like you may select a career in life science photography and help record for posterity just what is going on.  You can be a writer or an illustrator and help develop books and papers on the subject.  Some people go into sales or teaching  and other pursue the legal or financial aspect of the life science arena and provide services to help support the scientists.  Not too many people realize that not all jobs in the field have to do with science, but may also include all of these support positions.  Many life scientists work for zoos, and museums, aquariums, botanical gardens, research institutes, public and private parks, government offices, the health care industry, as well as in farms and libraries.

For example you could be an agronomist and work on the production of fruit and vegetables and crops.  You will be concerned with keeping crops free of diseases and helping to find new and better ways to increase production.  You will also be involved with planting, harvesting, fertilizers and other aspects of growing crops.

As an animal scientist you will be involved in research involving breeding animals, better feed and animal management and similar endeavors.

It you want to be a biochemist you will specialize in the chemical composition and the behavior of living things.  If you are a biochemist you will work on reproduction and growth and heredity and also on the curing of diseases.

Another interesting area of pursuit is the biomedical engineerBiomedical engineers develop devices to help the handicapped such as artificial limbs and replacement kidneys. These scientists also specialize in how the eye converts the energy of light into a signal to the brain, how plant or animals respond to gravity, and how radiation affects living matter.

There are many cool and winning science fair projects that you can do using life science skills.  Many elementary and high school science fair projects are available on these subjects.

Other articles in this site are on the subject of careers in science as well as 400 wonderful science fair projects.



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