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First Place Science Fair Projects

If you want to be a winner and win first place, here are some good ideas for science fair projects that are likely to win awards. What fun it will be to see these award winning ideas science fair projects for several different grade levels. Consider one of these proven winners for your next science fair. Make science fun with a winning project. No matter what you are interested in, whether it be tsunamis, or super bowls, there are wonderful science fair ideas in all these topics. The secret to a winning science fair project is to choose a topic you like and find a project to match it. Take a look at these fun science fair project ideas. Start your science fair project today. Each science fair project includes about 15 pages of easy-to-follow directions to help you create your project step-by-step. .

Also included in each science fair project::

  • Details about the scientific method
  • List of needed materials
  • Detailed list of step-by-step procedures that are easy to follow
  • Vital information on how to make your presentation
  • Details about "What the judges are looking for"

As a bonus, every project includes 16 free original science games that you can play with all your friends!

There are more all time best science fair projects that you can choose from, actually over 400 other science fair projects. Every subject is covered including chemistry, physics, biology, computer and environmental sciences, and more. Choose it and print it now; start your science fair project right away!

How will temperature affect the amount of pop in your pop?
Why should you drink flat soda when you can drink the zesty sodas? But which soda will stand up best to temperature after it has been out of the refrigerator and at room temperature for a while?

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Is the air pollution any different on different days of the week or different times of the day in your home, school, place of business or any other location.
You may think that the air is cleaner in the school or office on weekends because no one is there to create pollution. Maybe so, maybe no. You will be the detective who finds out the truth in this fascinating probe into the environment.

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If you paint your house a different color, will the temperature inside be affected?

Do you want to help keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter? You will be able to tell your mom and dad just which colors to paint the house for best temperature results after you have done this project.

400 more winning science fair projects here!

Do car drivers exhibit different habits on weekends than they do during the week?

Most people work during the week but they are free to party and have fun on weekends. Are people who drive in a greater hurry on weekends than during the week? You will find out for yourself in this really interesting project for all grades.

400 more winning science fair projects here!


If you do the project on driving habits you may find this information useful.

A lot of people have jobs and work during the week. But they are free to have fun and party when the weekend rolls around. Is it true that people who drive in a greater hurry on weekends than during the week? Find out for yourself in this really interesting project for all grades.

Most people go to work using their cars, with the exception of the really big cities where public transportation is available. And one in three households have two or more vehicles. Most people obey all the rules and are safe drivers. Many are either in a hurry or don't care and violate the rules causing a safety problem.

There are many things that you can look for such as not coming to full stop at stop signs, or running red lights, or tail gating to close to the car ahead of you. Other problems include using mobile phones and text messaging.

This project will give you some insights into the driving habits of different people at different times, and you will learn a lot about safety. This is especially important at night or if the weather is bad, when reaction times are much slower.

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