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Science Fair Project Ideas:

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Science Fair Projects

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Science Fair Projects


 "Thanks for all the support and time, I finally built my generator and its working. I sent it in and got a second place! :) yay"

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How to Pick a Science Fair Project

The best way to select a science fair project is to think about what you like. 

  • What you like to do.
  • What you like to read.
  • The things that interest you. 
  • Your hobbies. 
  • Is it the computer? 
  • What about sports? 
  • Do you like to build things? 
  • Does engineering turn you on? 
  • Are you turned on by nature and living things?

Selecting the right project does not have to be a big family problem.  Once you focus on writing a list of all the things you like to do, you are on your way to selecting a really good and interesting science fair project.

Do not be afraid to include everything on the list that you can think of.  If you like eating certain foods, put that on the list.  If you like to grow things in the garden, then that too should be on the list.  Include computer games, sports, clothing, decorating, and anything else that you like.

When the list is finished you can then start looking up some words on the internet that are on your list.  For example, if you like playing with the computer, you can enter into a Google search something like “science fair projects about the computer”.  Lots and lots of selections will come up and you can open up these sites and see what you like.   If you like the biology of living things, enter into the computer “science fair project on biology”.  And continue like this with all of the things that are on your list.  Before you know it you will have dozens of different science fair project to choose from, each one about something you like.

Make certain that you learn the scientific method and observe the proper procedures.  The website has over 400 science fair projects for you to choose from, each one containing everything you need to know to win an award.  These projects are available online for immediate use.


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