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More about Careers in Science

Very few people realize that there are hundreds of different careers that one can pursue in science.  Here are just a few of the more interesting ones.  Try to keep this in mind when selecting sixth grade science fair projects , ideas and experiments.  You will find some cool and winning science project ideas in all of these subjects at

If you want to be a botanist, you will study plants and the environment.  Some botanists specialize in the diseases of plants and how to cure them.   Other botanists study the identification and classification of plants

Another interesting pursuit is to be a developmental biologist and you will study
the development of an animal from a fertilized egg through the hatching process or birth.  Developmental biologists also study animal development.

A very popular field today is in ecology.  The ecologist specializes in how organisms of all kinds relate to the environment.  Ecologists are concerned with conservation, rainfall and pollution. A fourth grade science fair project on the field of ecology would be an interesting subject for a young scientist.

If you are an epidemiologist you will study diseases and how they are caused and how they spread.

As a food scientist you will be involved in the nature of food and how to safely produce and package food.  You will also work on food nutrition, flavor and preservation. There are many elementary grade science fair projects on the subject of food in

If you become a forester, you will manage and protect our national forest areas.  You will be concerned with timber, forest growth, and the treatment and reseeding of forests.




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