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Try one of these projects for your next school science fair.  Terimore science fair projects are award winners. Make science fun with exciting projects. These projects are all about generating electricity from potatoes and lemons, and also about growing fruit and veggies without water.  There is a new project about testing magnets when they are at room temperature, as well as when they are cold and hot to determine if the magnetism is effected at different temperatures.
The trick to a winning science fair project is to choose a topic you like and find a project to match it. Terimore has more great new projects than anyone.  We add new projects every month.  Over 100 new projects added this year.  Take a look at these science fair project ideas. Print your project guide now and start your science fair project tonight! Each science fair project includes 15 pages of easy-to-follow directions to help you create your project step-by-step.

All projects include:
  • Details about the scientific method
  • List of needed materials
  • Vital information on how to make your presentation
  • Details about "What the judges are looking for"

As a bonus, every science project also includes 16 free original science games to play with all your friends!

In addition to these fun science fair projects, you can choose from over 300 science fair projects. Every subject is covered including chemistry, physics, biology, computer and environmental sciences, and more. Choose it and print it now; start your science fair project right away!




Can I really generate electricity from fruit?
It’s magic time! You will actually create electricity from fruit and determine which type of fruit generates the most electricity.  Amaze yourself and your family and friends.
300 More Science Fair Projects Here!



Science Fair Project Topics:

All Science Fair Projects include:

  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Suggested Materials and Procedures
  • Scientific Method Overview & Tips
  • Charts & Graphs
  • Set of Easy-to-Follow Blueprints

See a sample
science fair project!


What effect does different cooking methods have on the vitamin C content of carrots?
Now you can teach Mom a little about healthy cooking methods.  You will learn which method causes the greatest loss of vitamin C when cooking carrots. This project gets a little involved and is probably not for the very early grades. The project requires some flair for chemistry.  The project will require some facilities at a local laboratory.
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What is the Effect of Hydroponics on the Root Growth of Various Plants?
Who said we need a lot of room to grow fruit and vegetables?  Perhaps you can do as well without soil and grow your plants in just water alone.  Here you can test for yourself just how successful this method can be.  Will the plants grow better in soil, tap water, or chemical solution?
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Does temperature affect the strength of magnets?
This project is a lot of fun for most grade levels.  It is generally an easy project but does require parental supervision because you are dealing with heat and cold, and oven mitts and tongs are necessary to avoid any problems.
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Which will generate more electricity, a potato, a lemon or a banana?
I’ll bet you did not even know that you could generate any electricity at all from these food products.
Well you certainly can, and you will determine which one has the most potential electrical power. 300 More Science Fair Projects Here



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