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Science experiments are fun! Looking for a something cool to do? How about conducting a science experiment? These experiments will add some excitement to your day. Did you know -- you can make electricity in a jar, that solar energy may be an answer to global warming, there are countless germs in public places? There is a great science experiment in all these topics. The trick to making science fun is to choose a topic you like and find an experiment to match it. Take a look at these interesting science experiments. Start and finish your experiment tonight!

Each science experiment includes 15 pages of easy-to-follow directions to help you create your project step-by-step.

Also included in each experiment:

  • Details about the scientific method
  • List of needed materials
  • Vital information on how to make your presentation
  • Details about "What the judges are looking for"

As a bonus, every experiment includes 16 free original science games that you can play with all your friends!

In addition to these science projects, you can choose from over 200 different science experiments . Every subject is covered including chemistry, physics, biology, computer, environmental sciences and more. Choose it and print it now; start your science experiment right away!



Leyden Jar Science Experiment

Electricity in a bottle: Make a Leyden Jar Capacitor
Build your own bottle of electricity in this science experiment! Leyden jars were used by early scientists to help build, store and even transport static electricity. The modern descendent is the capacitor, capable of delivering a large amount of electrical energy in a very short time.   200 more exciting science projects here!

More Science Project Topics:

Each Science Experiment includes:

  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Suggested Materials and Procedures
  • Scientific Method Overview & Tips
  • Charts & Graphs
  • Set of Easy-to-Follow Blueprints

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science experiment!

Computer Virus Science Experiment

Is solar energy really practical?
There is a lot of talk these days about global warming. Can this renewable energy source help get the planet back on track, and close the hole in the ozone layer? An enlightening science experiment!    200 more exciting science projects here!


Computer Virus Science Experiment

Does noise affect a person's concentration?
Adults always tell you to turn off turn down your music or turn off the TV while doing your homework. Does music really effect concentration? You'll find out in this noisy science experiment!   200 more exciting science projects here!

Germ Discovery Science Experiment

Which public places have the most germs?

Germs grow on every possible surface. Which public place, touched by many human hands, has the most germs? Get all the gross facts with this science experiment. 200 more exciting science projects here!

Flame Retardants Science Experiment


Can people really have ESP?
This is a really hot project. Test flame resistance of fabric under different conditions. Will that 80's polyester vest go up in flames? Adult supervision is required for this science experiment. 200 more exciting science projects here!



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