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Today we had "project day" in class. It went so smoothly (if you can recognize smooth in the midst of chaos) and I have to commend your Blueprints for that."

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How to choose a Science Fair Project winner.

A science fair project winner for you may be very different than a science fair project winner for your friend or neighbor, or even your brother or you sister.

Why is this so, you ask?

Because in order to do a really good science fair project, one that you can put your heart and soul into, it must be on a subject that you really like.

For example, if you like animals and plants and living things, you may not be interested in doing a very technical science fair project.  You will probably do better with a project that has to do with biology or living things.  But someone who is very technically oriented would do a lot better in their science fair project on the subject of physics or math or computer science.

The point is that in order to do very well at anything, you will be well ahead of the game if you do something that you like. 

Do you know anyone who is not happy with their job?  The chances are that this person is not doing something that they like.  It is the same with science fair projects.  How many people spend their lives as an accountant or a textile salesmen or some other job that they are doing just to earn a living?  Perhaps they would be much happier if they were doing medical research or teaching or physical therapy?  Whether it is for your science fair project or your life endeavor, you should start off by selecting something that you like to do.

Once you have made the choice of what you like, then the second part of the task begins.  You must find a science fair project on that subject.  Let us say for example that you want to be a social psychologist.  There are a number of excellent projects at  on social subjects.  For example, there is one on who has better table manners, boys or girls.  Here you will observe behavior and report on what you find.  There is another project on supermarket  behavior and still another on driving habits.   These are just a few of the many projects most suitable for someone who wants to be an observer of the human condition.

If you are technically oriented, you will find projects on computer science, chemistry, physics, math and a variety of other disciplines. 

Remember, write down what you like to do.  Make a brief list.  Once you have that, you can then look for the project on the subjects of your choice, and good luck with your science fair project.


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