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Three New Science Projects For Younger Grades. Here are three new cool and winning science projects that will interest the younger students. 

Can I make my own thermometer? Will it be sufficiently accurate to really tell temperature?

You will actually make your own thermometer and then test it to see how accurate it really is.   Test it indoors or outdoors and you will know just how to dress appropriately for the weather.


How can I use a bike and some oil and vinegar to find out how centrifugal force will cause separation of constituents in liquids?

Use your bicycle to help determine just how to separate different constituents in liquids by making your own centrifuge.  This will be real fun as you spin the wheels for science.


How much water is there in an orange? How about a pineapple? Which has more water?

You are told to drink your orange juice every day.  But do you really know just how much water there is in orange juice.  Or in pineapple juice for that matter.  You will find out in this exciting science fair project.

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