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The Science fair project judges checklist - Is your Project a Winner?
Here it is! A list of all the items the science fair judges will be looking for and checking off on their project scoring sheets. There are four key areas, some are worth more points then others. Read the list to make sure your' project will be a winning entry!


possible points = 32 total
  1. Presented a question that could be answered through experimentation.
  2. Developed a hypothesis that identified independent and dependent variables.
  3. Developed a good procedure for testing the hypothesis, including use of control variables.
  4. Clear and thorough process for data observation and collection.
  5. Ran sufficient trials (at least three)
  6. Accurate experimental technique
  7. Derived conclusions from appropriately organized and summarized data
  8. Related conclusions back to the hypothesis.


possible points = 12 total
  1. Accessed a minimum of three, age-appropriate sources for background research
  2. Clearly identified and explained key scientific concepts relating to the experiment
  3. Used scientific principles and/or mathematical formulas correctly in the experiment


possible points = 12 total
  1. Neat, well organized and visually appealing
  2. Included key components to provide a thorough picture of the project (purpose/question, variables and hypothesis, summary of research findings, materials and procedures, data charts and graphs, results, conclusions.
  3. Included a lab notebook


possible points = 4 total
  1. Investigated an original question or used an original approach or technique.



Above Average
Below Average
No Evidence
Total possible points


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